Company History

Welcome to the legacy of Formway, a brand born in 1987 under the visionary leadership of our CEO, Luigi Finizio, and deeply intertwined with the Finizio Family’s commitment. Initially specialising in supplying electricity meters to New Zealand utilities, Formway rapidly expanded its reach by cultivating relationships with Australian utilities, securing essential metering standard approvals.

Distinguished by the establishment of the region’s most advanced metering laboratory and holding ISO17025 accreditation, Formway emerged as a key supplier and reverifying authority for electricity meters, serving major utilities in both Australia and New Zealand.

Pioneering innovation, Formway became the first meter supplier in Australia and New Zealand to introduce a comprehensive turnkey metering solution service in 1997, encompassing the supply, installation, and maintenance of utility metering assets.

In 2001, Formway’s expertise was recognized as it was chosen by meter providers across the National Electricity Market (NEM) to install smart meters in the industrial and commercial sectors. This success was followed by the prestigious appointment as the network customer services provider for Energex in 2007, solidifying Formway’s enduring relationships within the industry.

Anticipating industry shifts, Formway expanded its services in 2016 to meet the evolving needs of clients, particularly with the advent of the Power of Choice regime.

In 2018, the Finizio Family made the decision to divest 100% of their holdings in the original Formway brand and sold to a private equity firm.

However, the family’s enduring passion and commitment persisted, leading to their return to the industry in 2020 with Formway Infrastructure, armed with new products, services, and technologies. Today, we continue to build upon the foundations laid over 37 years ago, embodying the same dedication, vision, and enthusiasm that define Formway’s enduring legacy.